Discord is a magical and very powerful Draconequus (part-dragon/part-pony) who embodies the spirit of chaos and confusion. He stirs up disharmony everywhere he goes, but Princess Celestia believes his powers can be used for good and asks Fluttershy to reform him. Eventually, Discord grows a soft spot for Fluttershy and her friends, and begins to learn about friendship for himself.

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In the first episodes of Season 2 and temporarily in the last episodes of Season 4, Discord was a villain during these episodes, but was reformed afterwards.


Examples include:

  • The Return of Harmony, parts 1 and 2 (Season 2, episodes 1-2)
  • Keep Calm and Flutter On (Season 3, episode 10)
  • Three's a Crowd (Season 4, episode 11)
  • Make New Friends But Keep Discord (Season 5, episode 7)
  • Dungeons & Discords (Season 6, episode 17)
  • Discordant Harmony (Season 7, episode 12)
  • The Break Up Break Down (Season 8, episode 10)
  • A Matter of Principals (Season 8, episode 14)



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