The Fox Network, also known as the Fox Broadcasting Company, launched on October 9, 1986, replacing select independent stations in the United States. It has since then become the fourth television network after NBC, CBS and ABC. The network is owned by Fox Entertainment Group, which was founded a year before the Fox Network began broadcasting on television.

All original programs from the Fox Network, such as The Simpsons (1989), are automatically properties of 20th Century Fox Film Corporation, as Fox Entertainment Group is a subsidiary of 21st Century Fox.

Children's programming

Fox Kids (1990-2002)

On the second Saturday (September 8) of 1990, the Fox Children's Network premiered on the Fox Network, and lasted for three hours every Saturday morning. In its second year (1991), the programming block changed its name to Fox Kids. Its programs were targeted at elementary-age children to preteens. The block expanded to three hours on weekday afternoons and four hours on Saturday mornings in 1993. Fox Kids continued broadcasts up to September 7, 2002.

FoxBox/4Kids TV (2002-2008)

One week after Fox Kids became defunct, a brand-new programming block was established -- the FoxBox. Kirby: Right Back at Ya! was one of the block's original programs. In the FoxBox's second year (2003), more shows such as Sonic X were added often to replace older ones. On January 22, 2005, the FoxBox changed its name to 4Kids TV, which remained until after December 27, 2008, due to competition from the more viewed cable television, and since the afternoon of that day, children's programming has ceased on the Fox Network.


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