1 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment warning screen
2 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment logo (1995-2006)
3 Trailer for Like Mike
4 Promo for the 20th Century Fox Family Features
5 Trailer for Barbie as Rapunzel
6 Promo for the The Bernie Mac Show on FOX
7 Ice Age: "Gone Nutty"
8 Full Screen Format Disclaimer
9 MPAA PG rating screen
10 Ice Age


Disc 1:

  • Full-Length Audio Commentary by Director Chris Wedge and Co-Director Carlos Saldanha
  • 3 Interactive Games
  • 8 DVD-ROM Games/Activities
  • "Robots" Theatrical Trailer (only seen in the 2005 Single-Disc Edition)

Disc 2:

  • Scrat's Missing Adventure, All-new animated short
  • "Behind the Scenes of Ice Age HBO Special
  • 6 Deleted Scenes in English, French & Spanish (with Optional Director's Commentary)
  • 6 Production Featurettes
  • "The Making-Of Ice Age" Documentary
  • Scene-Specific Commentary by John Leguizamo as Sid
  • 3 Interactive Animation Studies
  • International (Multi-Language) Clip
  • Scrat's Mini Promo Spots
  • Blue Sky Studio's Oscar-Winning** Animated Film: Bunny (with Optional Director's Commentary)
  • Ice Age Theatrical Teasers, Trailers & More!

Chapter Index

  1. A Squirrel's Life
  2. The Big Chill?
  3. All Alone
  4. A Great Team
  5. Tigers On The Prowl
  6. Save The Child
  7. Taking Care Of The Baby
  8. Food!
  9. Bedtime
  10. Where's The Baby?
  11. A Shortcut
  12. Cave Drawings
  13. The Searchers
  14. A Hot Foot
  15. The Tiger's Plan
  16. Fire Starter
  17. Ambush!
  18. Reunited
  19. 20,000 Years Later
  20. End Titles

In Other Countries

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Region 2 (Japan) Y N N Y N N N
Region 3 (Taiwan) Y N N N Y Y Y
Region 3 (South Korea) Y N N N Y Y Y
Region 4 (Latin America) Y Y Y N N N N
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