Sleeping Beauty was first released on DVD on September 9, 2003. The DVD was confirmed to be discontinued in late 2004.


Heralded by audiences and critics alike, Sleeping Beauty was the final fairy tale to be produced by Walt Disney himself. Now fully restored with revolutionary digital technology, its dazzling colors, rich backgrounds, and Academy Award nominated orchestrations shine brighter than ever. When an enchanted kingdom and the most fair princess in the land falls prey to the ultimate mistress of evil, the fate of the empire rests in the hands of three small fairies and a courageous prince's magic kiss. Their quest is fraught with peril as the fellowship must battle the evil witch and a fire breathing dragon if they are to set the Beauty free. From spectacular action to the breathtaking pageantry of the princess and her kingdom, Sleeping Beauty has something to charm every member of your family.


Bonus material

  • THX-Certified
  • Rescue Aurora Game
  • All-New Music Video by Hit Pop Group No Secrets
  • Exclusive Disney Art Project
  • Sing-Along Song With Sleeping Beauty
  • Once Upon A Dream: The Making of Sleeping Beauty
  • Academy Award-Winning Short Grand Canyon
  • Much, Much More!

Advertised on:

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  3. The Rescuers (May 20, 2003)
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In Other Countries

Country of origin Release date
UK March 4, 2002
South Korea May 8, 2002



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