Take your family on a fun-filled journey down the yellow brick road where lions sing, tin men talk, scarecrows dance -- and children of every age are reminded that in all the world, there's no place like home. Whisked away by a swirling tornado, 12-year-old Dorothy (Judy Garland), her dog Toto -- and even her Kansas farmhouse! -- sail over the rainbow and into the dazzling land of Oz. Filled with playful munchkins, enchanted forests and endless surprises, this dream-come-true world is one great adventure after another. But the most wondrous adventure of all begins when Dorothy and her new-found friends go in search of the kingdom's mysterious wizard... and the secret that will lead her home.

VHS Supplements

Video Creation date
1 MGM/UA Home Video preceding logo October 24, 1989
2 MGM/UA Home Video warning screen January 25, 1990
3 advertisement August 8, 1995
4 MGM/UA Home Video logo August 4, 1993
5 MGM/UA Family Entertainment promo September 10, 1996
6 MGM/UA Family Treasures promo August 8, 1995
7 THX logo August 29, 1995
8 The Wizard of Oz August 25, 1939
9 MGM/UA Home Video closing logo August 4, 1993
10 Turner Entertainment logo November 3, 1987
11 MGM/UA Home Video preceding logo October 24, 1989

On rare later pressing it has no previews.

On middle pressing it does not have an MGM/UA Family Entertainment promo.



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