Dutiful and intelligent, Twilight Sparkle is obsessed with one thing: studying magic! She once studied so much, she made no time for anypony else. That is until her mentor, Princess Celestia charged her with the study of a special kind of magic--- friendship! Newly converted to the joys of having friends, she uses her knowledge and unusually powerful gift for magical spells to help her companions in Ponyville. Though sometimes she gets on her "high horse" about what's right or wrong, her eagerness to learn and lend a helping hoof endear her to her new friends in Ponyville, and when the going gets tough, her big brain and love for her friends transform her into a natural born leader!

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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Her main focus episodes:

  1. Friendship is Magic, part 1
  2. The Ticket Master
  3. Boast Busters
  4. Winter Wrap-Up
  5. Feeling Pinkie Keen (biggest Season 1 appearance; also biggest with Pinkie Pie)
  6. Lesson Zero
  7. Luna Eclipsed
  8. It's About Time (biggest Season 2 appearance)
  9. A Canterlot Wedding, part 1
  10. The Crystal Empire, part 1
  11. The Crystal Empire, part 2
  12. Magic Duel
  13. Magical Mystery Cure (biggest Season 3 appearance)
  14. Princess Twilight Sparkle, part 1
  15. Princess Twilight Sparkle, part 2
  16. Three's a Crowd
  17. Twilight Time (debatably Twilight's biggest appearance with the CMCs)
  18. Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3 (biggest Season 4 appearance; also biggest with Rainbow Dash)
  19. Twilight's Kingdom, part 1
  20. Twilight's Kingdom, part 2
  21. Amending Fences (biggest Season 5 appearance)
  22. What About Discord?
  23. The Hooffields and McColts (biggest appearance with Fluttershy)
  24. The Cutie Re-Mark, part 1
  25. The Cutie Re-Mark, part 2
  26. Top Bolt (biggest Season 6 appearance; also her only episode for this season)
  27. Celestial Advice
  28. A Flurry of Emotions
  29. Fame and Misfortune
  30. Once Upon a Zeppelin (biggest Season 7 appearance)
  31. Horse Play
  32. Friendship University
  33. Sparkle's Seven
  34. The Point of No Return
  35. A Trivial Problem (with Pinkie Pie)

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